New Treasure Book!

A new treasure book (series five) came out this morning, with some new and some old treasure book items. Check them out!


Submit Your Igloo

Just recently, Club Penguin has updated the igloo. You can now submit your igloo design! Also, if you aren’t a member but had previously been one, you can click on the huge boxes in your igloo to see your previous design. Pretty cool update!

igloo upgrade

Pretty cool if you ask me. If you were wonderin, here is what my igloo looked like when I was a member:

My Igloo


Club Penguin Times Issue #209

Another issue of the Club Penguin Times is out today, and the articles talk about the igloo decorating contest and the Anniversary party. There isn’t anything about the Dojo though, although it does say that there is a storm coming again.



To enter the contest you just have to decorate your igloo any way you like that relates to Halloween, and then on the 16th-25th you can click the submit button in your igloo.


And finally, the annual anniversay party will be here on October 24th. It will only be here for one ay only, so make sure to visit the Coffee Shop to get your party hat.

That’s all for today’s news, check back tomorrow for dojo updates!


Halloween Furniture Sneak Peek

Hello Penguins!

It’s time to get the island ready for Halloween – and that includes your igloos! I managed to get you a sketch of something that’ll be in the Better Igloos catalog – it comes out this Friday.

furniture sneak peek

Can you think of a good place for that?

We hope you’ve had the chance to read about the Halloween igloo decorating contest in the newspaper. During past contests, lots of you have asked for a way to let the judges know that yours is ready – so the team’s made a special “submit” button. It’ll show up right in your igloo starting Friday, October 16. If you want more details, check out the Club Penguin Times – and make sure to look at the prizes…

I’m pretty excited for these items!  What about you?

New Volcano News!

Yesterday, WordPress was acting up so I couldn’t post anything, so I bring you yesterday’s news today!
The Dojo Courtyard is covered with storm clouds, and the volcano is still pretty active.


The lights are all light up in this room, as well as the ninja’s room.


The puffles have moved to sitting on top of the lamps, and the construction items are still in there.
I wonder when we will be able to go to the volcano!


Newspaper Out Today

The newspaper came out today with information on Halloween, the anniversary party, and the volcano!


It says that the annual Halloween igloo contest will start on October 16. If I was a member, I’d have a great idea for an igloo.


I can’t wait for the Halloween party on Club Penguin!
Also, I’m very excited for the anniversary party!


It looks like the party hat colors will be yellow, green, and blue.

The volcano is still going, I hope we will be able to travel there soon!

And finally, the updates page:


The Squidzoid play is returning on October 9th (tomorrow) and postcards will come out tomorrow too.

That’s  all for today’s cheats, but check back here tomorrow for the Friday updates!


New Monster in Squidzoid Play

Greeting Penguins! The team’s been loving all the guesses you’ve had about Billybob’s Halloween Party sneak peek! And we’ve already seen some sweet monster costumes around as everyone starts to get ready for the Halloween Party that’ll hit at the end of the month! Speaking of monsters, I got word that Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal is happening at the end of the week at the Stage and there’s a NEW MONSTER on the set! Nobody would tell me the whole deal, but I managed to get an interview with someone who helped make this new monster. Here’s the scoop:

Q: So is it true? Will there be a monster who helps Squidzoid try to destroy the city at the Stage?
A: It’s true. He just might be our biggest monster ever! I’m sure Squidzoid can control him though. 80% sure.

Q: Why did you decide Squidzoid needed help?
A: Well I don’t want to say he needed the help, but the last few monsters didn’t exactly do much to help out. It seems only fair that Squidzoid has a partner since there’s a Shadow Guy and a Gamma Gal.

Q: You mean we’ll be able to do MORE than just look at this monster?
A: Um…Oh would you look at that. I’m late for my pumpkin-carving lesson!

Squidzoid Sneek Peek

Hmmm….Do you think that the squid actually needs the help? I wonder what’s gonna happen? I guess we’ll find out on Friday.