Mission Guides 1-10 (in progress)

Sorry for the delay, I’ll have a few more of them up later today.

1. The Case of the Missing Puffles

 This is the first and easiest mission of them all. The Case of the Missing Puffles. In this mission you have to rescue Aunt Arctic’s puffles, which have mysteriously disappeared. You have been assigned to find and rescue them. 

You start out talking to Aunt Artic about her missing green and purple puffle. She says what happened and describes them. After she finishes talking, you can travel to different locations using the map, and find them.


1. Go to the Ice Rink to pick up photographs of her puffles. They will be lying in the bottom right corner of the Ice Rink.

2. Go back to Aunt Arctic’s igloo and give her the pictures.

3. Travel to the Pet Shop and pick up a note on the far left, on top of a puffle house. The note says “G has (a random number) pairs of socks.”

Note (Pet Shop)

4. Go to the Sport Shop and talk to G. Ask him if he has any special items. He asks you how many socks he has. Now you can type in the code from the Pet Shop. (Just type the number)

5. G will show you a closet with a grappling hook and some sort of life preserver shooter.


6. Take both items and then travel to the Iceberg.

7. Take out your life preserver shooter and click on the floating piece of ice with the penguins on it.

8. Now aim for the penguins on the ice and shoot at them. If you hit one with a life preserver, it will swim back to the Iceberg. (Be careful for the wind direction, it can throw you off target)


9. Talk to the green penguin. He will say something about the puffles.

10. Travel to the Ski Hill.

11. Talk to the sad penguin next to the telescope, then take out your wrench tool from your Spy Phone (click the red button on it) and click the telescope with it.

Ski Hill

12. He lets you look through the telescope. When you do, use the left arrow to look to the left, and you will see a green puffle flying around a mountain. That mountain is called Tallest Mountain.

Green Puffle

13. Travel to Tallest Mountain, and use your grappling hook to latch on to the top of it.

Grappling Hook

14. When you get to the top, you will find the puffles there. The green one is flying around, and the purple one takes a picture of the highest point in Club Penguin.

15. Bring the puffles back to Aunt Arctic, and she will then thank you. Your mission is now over.


Golden Puffles Medal


Letter from Aunt Arctic

Award Letter


2. G’s Secret Mission

  In this mission, Gary the Gadget Guy needs your help to test out his latest invention, a super sled for the Ski Hill. It is a fairly easy mission, but can sometimes get confusing.

You start off this mission by talking to Gary in the Sport Shop. Tell him you are ready to recieve your task.


1. Gary will ask you for a secret word from his riddle. Tell him “mogul”.

2. Gary will then unveil his prototype sled down the Ski Hill, so take the sled and go to the Ski Hill.

3. Take the Sled out of your inventory and click on the sign that says Test Run.

4. Start going down the hill! It’s like a little minigame. Try to jump over the logs and getting as far as you can until the end of the path. A dead end!


5. After you have crashed, pick up the Survival Guide and piece of rope, and head to the room to your left.

6. Pick up the ski in the bush and put it in your inventory. Attach the rope to the ski to make a fishing rod.

7. Then travel to the room on the left, the one you were just in, and then the room in the middle, the one with the O’ Berry bush.

8. Pick about three O’ Berries, and attach one to the fishing rod. Then look on your right to see a pot sticking out of a tree. Click the tree to shake the pot out of it, and then pick it up.

9. Now head to the room with the river in it (the one on the left), and fill your pot up with water. Also stick your fishing rod in the water and catch a fish with it, and put it in your inventory. The last thing to do in that room is to pick up the log on the right for firewood.


10. Head back to the room with the O’ Berry bush and then the one with the stump. Click on the puffles. When they run away, give an O’ Berry to the black puffle, and then it will follow you around.


11. Now look to the very right and go to the room with the cave in it. Move some bushes out of the way, then enter the cave. To make a fireplace, click on the pebbles and put your wood and Survival Guide in the circle they make. Now get the puffle next to the fire and give it an O ‘ Berry.

puffle fire

12. The firewood will light, and you can put your water and fish on it for food and drink. After that you fall asleep.

13. When you wake up, go outside and an agent will pick you up and take you to  Gary. Tell him what happened, and then the mission is done.


Wilderness Survival Medal


Letter from Gary

award letter

3. Case of the Missing Coins

4. Avalanche Rescue

5. Secret of the Fur

6. Questions for a Crab

7. Clockwork Repairs

8. Mysterious Tremors

9. Operation Spy Seek

10. Waddle Squad


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