Club Penguin Games (in progress)

All the Club Penguin games are featured on this page, with pictures and tips on how to get many coins, or unlock secret stages.

1. Bean Counters

In the game Bean Counters, you have been hired to catch the bags of beans that are being thrown carelessly out of a bean truck. You have to catch these bags and watch out for obstacles like anvils, fish, and flower pots being thrown out as well.

Bean Counters

After you catch a bag, you have to move to the left and unload it on the platform. But be careful, you can only hold up to five bags at a time, or else you will get squished by the weight. Near the end of  the first level, you will be around 100 points. Whe nyou are around 95, catch five at the end and unload all of them at once. This will give you a 100 point bonus. If you complete all five levels of Bean Counters, you will be awarded a 60 coin bonus, and you will be “hired”.

Bean Counters 2

Unfortunately you won’t get any items or anything, but you do get a lot of coins in the end.

Bean Money


2. Sled Racing

In this game, you are pretty much just trying to get down the ski hill in your tube or sled without crashing into logs or rocks along the way. Maneuver around each obstacle so you don’t crash, and try to reach the finish line before the other penguins.

Sled Start

There are four different courses, each one can hold a different amount of people on it. The least if two, and the most is four. Also they are different difficulties. The courses with more people are harder than the other ones. 

Sled Hill

Toboggan’s can be bought by members to use instead of sleds. You can buy them on top of the hill.

Sled Toboggan

When a log comes up on the course, be sure to jump over the part with snow over it, so you don’t trip. When you trip, or hit an obstacle, you will stop for a second to get back on your sled.

Sled Trip

Patches of ice will give you speed boosts, but be careful you don’t go right into a log.

Sled Ice

Lastly, the bar at the top of the screen shows where everybody is on the course. Your character is the star.

Sled Finish

The most you can earn in this game is twenty coins, and that’s if you win. So if you’re trying to make a lot of money, this isn’t the game for you.

Sled Money


3. Jetpack Adventure

In this fun game, you have to try to make it to the end of each little course in order to move on to the next level. There are five levels total, and each one gets harder as you go along. Throughout the game, you try to collect coins in the air, without running out of gas. Luckily, there are little gas containers along the way, so if you are low on gas, pick this up to get and extra amount.


The top of the screen will show your “stats”. From left to right; amount of gas, extra lives, coins, and level.


When you run out of gas or hit too many obstacles, you will lose all of your extra lives and parachute down to safety. If you make it all the way to the finishing level, congratulations!


Also, if you make it through the whole game without collecting one coin (this means no extra gas either) then you get a 1000 coin bonus at the end! So the most money you can win is 1000 coins, but I must say, it’s very hard to achieve.

4. Cart Surfer

5. Catchin’ Waves

6. Puffle Roundup

7. Hydro Hopper

8. DJ3K

9. Pizzatron 3000

10. Mancala

11. Find Four

12. Ice Fishing

13. Card-Jitsu

14. Thin Ice

15. Astro Barrier

16. Dance Contest

17. Paint by Letters

18. Secret Missions



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