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Hi Emma

I love you. Hell yeah I still know the password.


Earth Day Party!

The Earth Day Party is coming on April 22nd, I can’t wait to see what comes.
I’m guessing that a green mining helmet will come out, as some penguins are wearing them in the pictures.

I’m excited to see the new room too!

This is the picture you get when you complete the crossword.

Finally, here is the mine with all its construction items:

I hope to see you all at the Earth Day party!


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Coin Code Giveaway TODAY

Coin Code: K8B9ZBG6Z


When do you want the giveaway to be?

-Saturday (4 votes)
-Sunday (1 vote)

It seems like I will be giving out a coin code on Sunday December 6. I hope you guys can make it. Time: 4:00 pm Penguin Standard Time (7:00 EST)

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Coin Code Contest 11-30-09

Hey everybody, I know I haven’t been around for awhile, but I just wanted to give out my last six coin codes through contests! I hope you guys are still out there, because I’m going to be giving away a coin code in December. Comment here if you guys want a coin code contest!

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Club Penguin Four Year Anniversary Party!

Yep, today the 4th anniversary of Club Penguin has come out today in party form! The new hat is purple and blue, and the new yearbook is awesome! Check it out!


You can see the storm coming in the background. Which reminds me; the Club Penguin Halloween Party starts Tuesday, October 27th.

Coffee Shop

To get the party hat, click on the (now broken) pinata at the top right corner of the screen.

Party Hat '09 - Coffee Shop

Book Room

The new yearbook is pretty cool. You should check it out as well as the other decorations!

The new pin that came out yesterday is a cake, just like last year’s pin!

4th Anniversary - Boiler Room

Hurry up to get you party hat before the one day party is up!


Club Penguin Times Issue #210

The Club Penguin Times Issue #210 came out this morning, with some interesting news about the volcano and Anniversary party. Take a look!


On the cover you can see a penguin blowing up a balloon for the anniversary party!


On this page a penguin is trying to blow out the candle on the cake. It also shows last year’s party hat. I wonder what the colors will be this year…


On this page, Gary the Gadget Guy talks about the upcoming storm and how it might be the worst storm ever to hit Club Penguin.


Now for the Upcoming Events:

October 23 – New Pin
October 24 – Anniversary Party and new yearbook
October 27 – Halloween Party

I’m excited for the end of the month and the rest of the parties. What about you?

Pandanda Puzzle Contest Entry

This is the final picture of the puzzle:

Puzzle Contest