The Halloween Catalog Has Arrived

Yep, my favorite catalog every year, the Halloween catalog, is finally back on Club Penguin! There are some old costumes brought back, and some new ones never before seen. Check ’em out!


The cover of the catalog features a penguin wearing the blizzard wizard costume.


Ladybug Antennae – 150
Ladybug Suit – 330
Ladybug Shoes – 250

The Royal – 500
Butterfly Wings – 400
Magic Wand – 150 (Returning Item)
Butterfly Dress – 600

Black Cape – 550 (Returning Item)
Ghost Costume – 600 (Returning Item)

1 cheat
1 cheat 2

Next we have a bunch of returning costumes and items.


Rad Scientist Wig – 500 (Returning Item)
Rad Scientist Costume  500 (Returning Item)

Blizzard Wizard Hat – 300
Blizzard Wizard Robes – 450
Crystal Staff – 250 (Returning Item)

Frankenpenguin Hat – 400 (Returning Item)
Frankenpenguin Costume – 450 (Returning Item)

Black Superhero Mask – 100 (Returning Item)

2 cheat

Also, there are two new backgrounds, and two returning backgrounds (the top two are new)


The rest of the catalog’s cheats have not changed since last time. Check my older posts if you want to see them.

This is all for the catalog’s cheats, but I’m sure that there will be more as October continues.
Waddle On penguins!



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