Halloween is coming!

As well as a new newspaper. Check it out!


It’s all pretty much about costumes, the volcano, and Squidzoid.

Page 1

The costumes for Halloween will be coming back soon, bringing back old favorites and some new ones as well.
As you can see in the picture above, it looks like there will be some kind of Snowflake Wizard costume.

Page 2

Also, the play Squidzoid will be returning. It says that there will be a new monster too!
Sensei also gave us another forune cookie that says: Stay ready, look for the mountains, and watch for changes in the wind.
It’s probably about the volcano. I can’t wait to go there. How about you?



3 responses to “Halloween is coming!

  1. Cool I Can’t Wait For The Costumes!

    I Bet They Will Be Spooltacular!

    Yoda Ads~

  2. amatthewa101

    Sensei Has Said There Will Be A Change In Thwe Mountains On Cp! This Is A Clue To Where The New Room Is!

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