The New Ninja Room/Ninja Puffles

I’m finally able to post news about Club Penguin! It’s been so long. 😛
Anyways, the construction on the dojo is over, and it seems as if the volcano is calming down. But the ninja’s only room has changed a little bit, and there still seems to be a few leftover construction pieces.

New Ninja Dojo

The regular dojo and courtyard are still the same, and the scavenger hunt is gone. I hope you were able to complete it in time.
Also, a new Penguin Style Catalog will be out on October 2nd, bringing back Halloween items! And on October 9th, the play Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal will be returning to the stage. 

Squidzoid Play

Also, I think I have an idea where the path to the volcano could be:


This may be the pathway because there is construction tape over it, as well as a black puffle sitting next to the wall. But that is just my theory.

Also, I think I saw a puffle on the volcano! I saw a small black dot on it, so I thought it was a puffle. Unfortunately, I left the room and came back, because I told everyone about it, and the puffle thing was gone! I’m not sure if it really was a puffle or not, but it was my best guess. This was very strange. I kept checking to see if it would come back, but it didn’t.



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