Coin Code and party

The coin code is:


Remember guys, the party starts in a half hour, I can’t wait to see you guys there! Congratulations to Chillyfreezz for winning, maybe you will win another after the party! I’ll post the winner tomorrow, so check back here after the party is over.

Thanks for coming to my party everyone! I will announce the winner of the coin code tomorrow, as well as post party pics.



33 responses to “Coin Code and party

  1. 😦 I Waited 5 Hours For It…

  2. Marto Mars (ZeroReflector)

    I got it but didnt get the items BOOOO

  3. I WIN IT! 😀 Sorry Stew… 😦

  4. But I Didn’t Get It…

  5. Sorry guys… Really! I am.

  6. Marto Mars (ZeroReflector)

    I want a refund… It said I have unlocked the intems, logged and didnt get them…

  7. Well Its Ok I Guess, Glad You Won It Chillyfrezz! 🙂

  8. Marto Mars (ZeroReflector)

    What did u get?

  9. Thanks stew! Go to sherbet dock so I can add you!

  10. ShinyDeoxys Are You Coming On Flurry Yet?

  11. Marto Mars (ZeroReflector)

    dude, ur an addict on coincodes and he’s coming 1 hour later.

  12. I’m Just Trying To Win Something 😦

  13. What Did You Get, Chillyfreezz?

  14. Fishing Vest and Messenger Bag. My heart was really beating when I got the coin code.

  15. Awesome! I Would’ve Got The Green And Purple Jacket And The Fishing Vest, Too!

  16. What Green And Purple Jacket?

  17. In The Exclusives, Is A Purple And Green Awesome Jacket!

  18. Oh! I know what your talking about!

  19. Yep! It’s Near A Penguin With A Green Hat That I Wear!

  20. Can we meet in club penguin?

  21. I’m On Flurry, If You Need Me.

  22. Go to coffee! What’s your penguin name?

  23. Great job guys! Congratulations Chillyfreezz! It sounds like you were excited to win. Good luck to all of you for the party giveaway, coming up in about 30 minutes.

  24. Awesome, Shiny! I Hope I Win! 😉 But Most Likely I Won’t 😦

  25. After that contest will you have another soon ? (just asking)

  26. Gee! Thanks guys!

  27. I will most likely have another sometime soon. But I also like posting the cheats and news of Club Penguin, not just giving out coin codes, although that is fun too.

  28. Ill be here only for the postcard sry i have work i may come 30 minutes later

  29. noooooo

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