Where is the code?

Hey everybody. I’m sorry for the code not being given out. The reason is that my internet has been down for the past week, and so has my blog. Somebody hacked the password, but I now luckily retrieved it. Anyways, the coin code will be given out. I just need you guys to vote for the best time for it to be given out.

The party will also still happen. Now I have 3,000 hits. Wow. Thanks to everybody for supporting me! A coin code will also be given out then.

Thanks for your patience everyone, and I’m sorry for the delay.


25th September – Friday (2 votes)

Guys remember that on Friday we have school, and I am very busy on Saturday. Would Sunday be ok for you?



7 responses to “Where is the code?

  1. 25 Septmber 8 or 10 AM PST

  2. Ok, so that would be noon or two o’clock EST

  3. Marto Mars (ZeroReflector)

    25 Septmber 10 AM PST

  4. What Server? Is It Gonna Be Revealed Tommorow?

  5. Marto Mars (ZeroReflector)

    8 PST would be best.

  6. in 4 PST my time im in school, if u can do it at 4:30 PST

  7. 25 Septmber 10 AM PST

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