Coin Code Giveaway!!!

Hey everybody, sorry for the late post. But the coin code giveaway will happen this Sunday, September 20th, at noon EST (8:00 am PST) I hope you can make it! Post here if you’re going to participate.

Good luck!


33 responses to “Coin Code Giveaway!!!

  1. I will participate.
    Do I win something because I am first?

  2. I’ll be there

  3. You don’t win anything this time. hint hint

  4. i will parcipate!and september 20 is my birthday!

    Shinydeoxys: Cool!

  5. Wait, sorry now i’ll come, πŸ™‚

  6. And how do we know what server it will be on?

  7. Don’t worry, I’ll give the time and server and everything.

  8. Lol! 20! Cool. I’ll be here. my B-day is on 19 πŸ™‚

  9. Ill be there at 7:58[PST]

  10. when you will post the code …

  11. you forgot fot the coin code giveaway????

  12. It is 8:04 AM PST what happen with the coin code???

  13. what happen with the coin code???

  14. Hmm…

  15. omg where is the code???

  16. I have no idea… Did he sleeping? 😦

  17. I don`t know πŸ˜†

  18. I hope not…

  19. sleeping… ??? πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  20. Is he sleeping I mean

  21. Where you from???

  22. Wha?

  23. Where are you from?

  24. I come to most coin code giveaways

  25. do you know where I can found coin code giveaways

  26. This is the only one coin code for now I think and it’s this one.

  27. Hey people, what server is it?

  28. Marto Mars (ZeroReflector)

    Sign me up please!

  29. Really what happen with the code

  30. Marto Mars (ZeroReflector)

    Give us DER KODE!!!

  31. Sorry guys, this site wasn’t working for me for a little while. The I need you guys to vote on the new post.
    Thanks for your cooperation.


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