New Play and Ninja Puffles

A new play is out today, well it’s actually a play that has been brought back. But anyways, the Penguins that Time Forgot is back at the Stage. It’s all pretty much the same, same catalog, same design, but it is a fun play.

Time Play

Time Play 3


Also ninja puffles can be seen around the island, in three places. The Ski Village, the Dojo Courtyard, and the Forest. They will turn on fire if you have at least your ninja mask on. Other than that they look like plain black puffles.

Ninja Puffle 1

Ninja Puffle 2

Ninja Puffle 3


Also, just for something else, remember how the new dojo was in 2008? It’s even changed since then.



Dojo '08



Dojo '09


There are already a few new changes.  Anyways, I hope you’re enjoying the new release!




One response to “New Play and Ninja Puffles

  1. arrgh i be happy ter be ye first coment it be true im a ninja as well har har well i gotta go get me puffle Yarr

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