Sorry for the late post, sophomore year is tough.

Anyways…A new newspaper is out today!


It looks like the play “The Penguins that Time Forgot” is coming tomorrow, most likely with the new Fall Fair prizes. I can’t wait!



There is also a section on Rockhopper and the Puffle Circus, as well as the end of the 101 days of fun. It also gives a hint to where the new pin will be.




Also here is the updates page. The updates include:

  • New Postcards
  • New Igloo Music
  • New Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrades Catalog
  • New Pin


Get ready for all of these igloo updates. There are a lot.

Anyways, I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Also, the coin code will now be given out, and since I’ve reached 2,000 hits, I will throw a party. Will there be a coin code contest at this too? The answer is YES so there will be two coin codes given out very soon.

Stay tuned to this site!



2 responses to “NEWspaper

  1. Party Invitation Coming Soon

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