Coin Code Contest (Again)

Hey penguins! It’s Shinydeoxys. And I’m having another coin code contest! It will have to wait until Saturday though, until everybody s out of school. Anyways, if I can get 15 different people to post on this post, I will give out a free Club Penguin Coin Code! So refer your friends to this site and start posting!

I hope you can do it!



27 responses to “Coin Code Contest (Again)

  1. It there will be round 2 ?

  2. I’m saying that if 15 different people post here, there will be another giveaway, where I will post it at a certain time.

  3. I will Participate

  4. I will participate too! 😛

  5. Awesome! This makes five people!

  6. me too 9 more

  7. same

  8. 6 people have already signed up. I don’t count, since I am Shinydeoxys.

  9. I will participate

  10. That’s eight people. Now only seven more before I give out the coin code!

  11. Yep, so refer your friends here and tell them to post!

  12. I will participate

  13. I will participate too

  14. I will participate

  15. 15 people yeehaw

  16. I will participate 2!

  17. Well you did it, as well as 2000 hits! So upcoming… a party and coin code contest. Maybe even one for reaching 2,000 hits!


  19. I will parcipate

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