Fall Fair, Rockhopper, and Catalog!


A pretty big release for Club Penguin, Rockhopper and the Fall Fair have arrived, as well as a new catalog being in stock.


Most of the rooms are the same as the other years, but some have changed a bit.


There’s no more of the wheel spinning game, but maybe it will appear soon.


The Koi Fish Pin is in the lower left hand corner of the Cove now, and the new pin is a Cotton Candy stick.

Cotton Candy - Forest

The pin is located in  the Prize Booth. Here are the other prizes from it:

Prize Booth

There are more to come, so don’t worry.

I haven’t gotten a picture of Rockhopper’s ship, because there is always an error when trying to get on it.

Anyways, here are the rest of the party pictures:


Dance Club


Dance Lounge






Ski Hill

Ski Village

Snow Forts


Here are the instructions for the tickets:

Ticket Info

Also, in the game puffle shuffle, I got what I think is a pretty high score.

Puffle Shuffle High Score

Now for the new catalog.

Page 1

The Chill Out – 450; Boy’s Sweater Vest Outfit – 300; Laptop – 1800

The Prep – 450; Girl’s Sweater Vest Outfit – 300; Burgundy Buckle Shoes – 400

Page 1 Cheat

Black Bowtie – 50

Page 2

The Tuft – 500; Red Suede Jacket – 700; Flame Messenger Bag – 300; Running Shoes – 300

The Suprema Diva – 650;Layered Lavender Outfit – 550; Flower Messenger Bag – 300

Firefighter Hat – 130; Firefighter Jacket – 380

That’s it for the new catalog, and for this release (so far).

So until Rockhopper’s ship is accessable, waddle on!



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