Coin Code Giveaway

Code: K8G7KDW8W

Congratulations to the winner! Better luck next time to all the others, but don’t worry, I’ll have another contest very soon.

Are you guys ready to win a Club Penguin Coin Code? Because I’m ready to give it away. At noon EST, 8:00 PST,  I will give away my one of seven coin codes. Get back here to check it out!

good luck

Post here if you win


21 responses to “Coin Code Giveaway

  1. 8:00 AM or 8:00PM???

  2. Noon would make it AM

  3. And it is 8:00 AM penguin Standart Time

    Yes, 8:00 am, there are five minutes to go.

  4. ok thank you

  5. I get it
    I get it


  7. Congratulations! What did you unlock?

  8. Life ring and some blue shoes in the first page

  9. Congratulations Baby633 !

    Hey Shinydeoxys You say you have 7 codes I can give 7 or 8 penguin which one of them is over 1250 days old and more prizes look my offer

  10. thanks Shinydeoxys

  11. @ Palmi6onka
    Sure, I might donate one for you.

  12. I sorry Shinydeoxys I can`t found the last penguin I hoe you like the other. If I found the last penguin which is 1250 days old I will give it to you I promise

  13. Hey are you there

  14. Your site Shinydeoxys is very cool

  15. Thanks, I hope you visit it often.

  16. It will be another contets soon, please reply

  17. Yep, there will be one soon.

  18. Yep, there will be one soon.

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