Festival of Flight

The Festival of Flight has arrived! Here are the party pictures:




Dance Club

Dance Club 2






Ski Hill

Ski Village

Snow Forts


Also if you look through the telescope or binoculars at the Beacon and Cove, you will see the sky instead of the ocean.

Beacon telescope

Cove Binoculars

Also to change the theme in the Dance Club, click on the red button in the top right corner of the room.


The free non-member item is a green propellor cap:

Green Propellor Cap '09 - Festival of Flight

The new member item is a jetpack,

and the new pin is a Sand Castle:

Sand Castle - Mine 2

You can find it in the Mine Shaft

Sand Castle - Mine

That’s it for this Club Penguin party. But be on the lookout for Gary the Gadget Guy as he roams Club Penguin! He will give you his background most likely.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to comment on your favorite part of this festival!



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