Puffle Party Starts Friday!

Hello Penguins!

The final preparations for the Puffle Party are happening right now and we hope you’re getting excited! Have you seen the Town Center? Do you have any guesses about what might be in those mysterious boxes?

In Other News: Thanks for your patience with us as we fix these bugs that are causing problems with your puffles. The team is still working hard to fix them!

Here are some tips for using the new puffle furniture:

  • When their health bars are full, try to not have your puffles eat or sleep. If you do, their health will decrease.
  • Their health will only increase if you ask them to play, eat, or sleep by clicking their puffle cards.
  • When your puffles choose to play, eat, and sleep on their own, their health will decrease.

shine - full health.jpg


Let us know what kinds of cool things you and your puffles are doing to prepare for the puffle celebration on Friday.

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team


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3 responses to “Puffle Party Starts Friday!

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  2. Ok. I do.

  3. Alright just go to this site
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