Lime Green Dojo Clean cheats

Hey penguins, I’m going to give you some tips to finding all of the coins for the new book.





Take the mop and throw it upwards. It should land outside pick it up and wipe the windows outside, and a coin will appear.


Lift up the bucket of paint to reveal a coin.


Drag around the green ball at the top until it wears down, and it will reveal a coin.


Push the cursor around the penguin on the floor until it hits the end wall of the dojo a couple of times, then do they same when it is on the ceiling and a hole should appear, and a coin should fall through it.


Click the picture in the order of the numbers, or when you’re reading the book there will be green flashes, and the door will open revealing a coin.


Drag the tub of paint to the right, revealing the coin.


There will be three mazes if you click on the lightbulb early when it is over the penguin’s head. Guide the lightbulb by pressing down your mouse and follow the maze until the bulb matches up with the other. This picture is the last maze. When you finish, a coin will appear over the penguin’s flipper.




Click on the box of capes until it empties. Then keep clicking until there are socks, and then drag the socks onto the penguin’s flippers, where a coin will reveal itself.


I hope you enjoyed reading this book! Tell me what you think of it!



2 responses to “Lime Green Dojo Clean cheats

  1. I wonder if this means they’ll be having a lime green party in the Dojo?
    Nice site!
    I saw you the other day… Frozen, I think…

  2. Thanks, I hope they’ll have a green party!

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