Lux1200 Party Review

Yesterday, January 24, Lux1200 hosted a Cadence tracking party, for all of the penguins that helped other find Cadence, the DJ/host of the member party. I was invited, and added his other penguin, Luxx1200. The party was great, we went sledding and played Find Four, but unfortunately I had to leave early. I did manage to take some pictures though!


I won the sled race above, and came in second in the sled race below.


I also got to see some cool penguins, like Lux1200:


Yoda Ads:


And Darkknight31:


Here is Luxx1200, who added me as his buddy.



The party was a blast, so be sure to check out Lux1200’s site for more parties, as well as Yoda Ads’s and Darkknight’s sites.



3 responses to “Lux1200 Party Review

  1. Awesome pics! So glad you could make it to the party and the pic on my site where u said it was like a famous ppl party was so funny 🙂

    Thanks for helping to track Cadence.

    Your Buddy

  2. Thanks Lux! Be expecting more pictures from your parties too!

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